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HTML minifier tool can do HTML minification and reduce the size of HTML code on any webpage. It can decrease the workload of a developer and optimize a webpage for performance as it decreases the size of a webpage significantly. This HTML compress online tool can remove whitespaces, comments, optimize attributes, remove omitted quotes, remove omitted HTML tags as well.
Online Minify HTML tool can perform such tasks that will otherwise take hours of work to optimize HTML and remove unnecessary code.

Our HTML compression tool is designed for optimal performance and deliver results speedily. Our HTML compress tool provides options to remove whitespace, comments, HTTP prefix from attributes, default attributes, deprecated anchor name, deprecated script charset attribute, deprecated type from script tag, deprecated type from stylesheet link, empty attributes, a value from empty input, spaces between Tags, omitted Quotes, omitted Html Tags.
To perform optimizations with DOM Parser and sorting options available as well.

Optimizing HTML with an HTML compress tool can deliver the following results.

  • Reduce the size of the web page and save bandwidth.
  • Load the web page faster and results in improved user experience.
  • Improves website speed, which is an essential factor for SEO optimization.
  • Save webserver resources.

We never save any copy of HTML code. This HTML minification tool performs all optimizations in the client browser, and no copy of code is sent to our server.

We suggest developers implement below best practices to optimize and improve your HTML code:

  • Define DOCTYPE.
  • Specify Language and encoding Metadata.
  • Serve static content like jQuery, Bootstrap, and other public libraries from CDN, such as Google or FAST.